by Mark Erelli

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Blindsided 03:19
Walking down the street Minding my business Never saw it coming God as my witness But you were there Like a shot of green in the grey of the city And I was unprepared for the way it hit me Blindsided Blindsided (I was) Blindsided By your love Mama tried to warn me But I wouldn’t listen Love can set you free Or love can be your prison You can try to keep your heart protected It will still creep up when you least expect it (CHORUS)
How many teardrops can you cry Before that river just runs dry How can I say my love is true And still keep doing the things I do I can’t stand myself When I let you down I should’ve had it figured all out by now I’m gonna do better Next time around I can’t stand myself when I let you down We swore a vow better or worse I know you wish it was more of the first I get scared my best won’t enough What’ll I do if I lose your love (CHORUS) Honey, honey I’m on my knees Have mercy mercy on me please Gonna make you proud that I’m your man Just give me one more second chance (CHORUS)
You’ve always walked beside me In joy and in despair Now I need something to lean on but you’re not here There’s an evil wind a-blowin’ Chills me to the bone I don’t know where I’m going or how to get back home I’ve been looking for a little kindness but it’s hard to find I’ll keep looking for a little kindness though it’s hard to find these days If I could go back where we started Would the sun be shining still Now I only see a darkness and holes that can’t be filled All the things that brought me comfort They just seem tired and worn What always used to work ain’t working anymore (CHORUS) All I’ve learned from growing older Is how to carry what I’ve lost But I don’t know how to pick up where you left off Maybe I should just stop talking And let the music fade away You always knew when there was nothing more to say
Her Town Now 03:28
The days are cold The nights are long The bed’s still here but her pillow’s gone All her friends were my friends too I lost them the day she moved This is her town, this is her town This is her town now This is her town, this is her town This is her town now It makes me wonder why I stick around It’s her town now The walls are bare in the morning light All my dreams were in black and white A little bad TV would’ve helped me through Or some Blonde On Blonde but she took that too (CHORUS) There’s a stranger in our midst It’s her town now They crossed me off their list It’s her town now (CHORUS) The birds are back The hills are green I saw her downtown but she didn’t see me
I watch you go about your days in your ordinary haze Like there ain’t nothing wrong I’m worried ‘bout our prognosis You don’t even notice we’re barely holding on to this love It used to be so strong Now I feel so all alone Wondering where we went wrong After all this time I thought maybe you could read my mind But you look at me with a stranger’s eyes We said for better or worse now we’re running in reverse Falling out of love Honey, I can’t tell is there someone else Or am I just not enough for you anymore Ain’t I the same I’ve always been And if you figured me out once, baby Maybe you can learn to love me again (CHORUS) Time can be a thief and leave you blinded (blinded) Maybe all we need is to be reminded Reminded
The silence in this house tonight is deafening The thunderclouds above us now are threatening Go on and say it I can take it The only thing I’m afraid of is when you say nothing at all Don’t send me a sign Or make me read ‘tween the lines Scream and shout Just don’t leave any doubt Come on out and tell me what you’re saying Don’t let this love get lost in translation A band of gold holds us alone together I know this hurts but we swore for worse or better Tender soldier Sweet warrior Does it matter who’s right I just don’t want to fight anymore (CHORUS) We’re one and the same, beyond blame and forgiveness So honey don’t retreat if you need a witness You can’t divide The coastline from the tide Always changing but in constant conversation (CHORUS)
The River Always Wins At the diner downtown old timers sit around Talk about the flood of ‘42 How they watched from higher ground, as the water took it down Like a verse from the bible come true   After losing everything, you could hear the hammers ring As they built it back up again The mill wheels turned, and they kneeled in church Washed of all their sins But the river always wins   I come down from the mountain Like judgment from on high Going home to the ocean I don’t give a damn About the dreams of man And I won’t be denied   I’ve seen boys with fishing poles, born again souls Lovers with their hearts ablaze I’ve always been there, for the lonely in despair I took a few in my dark embrace   I’ve seen the mills pull out and the jobs go south It ain’t ever been the same way since For every thing they try to change, I will always remain I’ll be damned but I won’t give in ‘Cause the river always wins   (CHORUS)
I strummed a song I wrote for you by the river’s edge As the sky turned neon blue above the canyon ridge Somewhere in the distance a lone coyote wailed And the stars appeared, one by one In the western veil Heaven’s wheel kept turning The moon was on the wane Dawn spilled on the mountain and washed across the plain It colored in the bones of time Illuminated tales On the sandstone canvas of the western veil Distant voices calling along an ancient line Time and space collapsing a glimpse of the divine I’m just another pilgrim following the trail That leads beyond the curtain of the western veil
There was a time We all watched the same screen Springsteen was mainstream Everybody had a hungry heart There was a time We weren’t rich but you could make a living A 40-hour week and a two-day weekend could get you pretty far Was there a time Or was it only in my mind When everything seemed simpler And we all sat down for dinner every night Or am I only looking through This rose-colored rearview There was a time This town felt like family I could ride my bike down any street and somebody always knew my name There was a time Before the mill pulled out and pills moved in When we didn’t need no medicine to take away the pain (CHORUS) There was a time We all pledged allegiance And we thought we knew what we meant When we stood and faced the flag Are we blind Lost in some nostalgic haze Only white men miss the good ole’ days that ain’t coming back Was there a time Or was it only in my mind When everything seemed simpler And we all sat down for dinner And we all watched the same screen But we didn’t see the same thing Maybe all that’s in the mirror Was never close as it appeared Like the way the truth can seem so black and white After all our looking through This rose-colored rearview
I don’t believe in fiery furnaces burning underground And none can tell if hell is simply where we’re living now Who knows if there’s a golden kingdom in the clouds above Oh babe, don’t you ever doubt my love I was born to be your witness your lover and your friend I’ve had to beg for your forgiveness and likely will again But what else can we believe in if we are not enough Oh babe, don’t you ever doubt my love Love Love Don’t doubt my love I’ll not ask you to succumb to some reckless fantasy I ain’t saying you should place your faith in something you can’t see I’m walking right beside you, honey, flesh and bone and blood Oh babe, don’t you ever doubt my love
Careless 04:40
You left a note on the counter I found it when I got home from work You only wrote a few lines but in between ‘em I could read the hurt Now it’s almost 10 and still you haven’t come home or called I’ve had nothing but time to think Staring at the clock on the kitchen wall Careless How could I be so careless Oh I’d say a prayer if I thought it would turn back time If you give me one more shot Honey I swear I’d give it all I got And I would not be so careless Careless with your love Oh the days are long but the years pass in the blink of an eye For a love to stay strong you got to work it all the time It’s more than just the birthdays and the anniversaries And I know just what I’d say if you walked through that door and found me down on my knees (CHORUS)


released March 27, 2020

Mark Erelli - vocals, harmonica, acoustic guitar
Jamie Dick - drums, percussion
Zachariah Hickman - electric bass
Sadler Vaden - 6 & 12-string acoustic & electric guitars
Kai Welch - piano, Hammond organ, Wurlitzer, butter knives

Lauren Balthrop - vocals (8)
Annie Bartlett - viola (1,3,5,8,10,11)
Sasha Callahan - violin (1,3,5,8,10,11)
Kate Goldstein - violin (1,3,5,8,10,11)
Deni Hlavinka - vocals (1,5,6)
Mina Kim - cello (1,3,5,8,10,11)
Celia Woodsmith - vocals (1,5)

Produced by Zachariah Hickman
Recorded & mixed by Dan Knobler at Goosehead Palace, Nashville TN
String arrangements by Zachariah Hickman
Strings recorded at Q Division, Somerville MA by Pat Dicenso
Additional recording at Q Division, Somerville MA by James Bridges & Zachariah Hickman at home
Mastered by Kim Rosen at Knack Mastering
Front & back cover photography by Joe Navas
Inside photography by Alyssa Gafkjen
Art Direction & Design by Karli Ingersoll

All songs written by Mark Erelli ©2019 (Hillbilly Pilgrim Music/ASCAP), except:

Rose Colored Rearview, The Western Veil - written by Mark Erelli & Luther Child (Mermine Music/SESAC)
Her Town Now - written by Mark Erelli, Chuck Prophet (Kingsblood Music/BMI, admin. by BMG Music) & klipschutz (No Socks Music/BMI, admin. by BMG Music)
Lost In Translation - written by Mark Erelli & David Godowsky (Grow Your Own Music/BMI)
The River Always Wins - written by Mark Erelli & Susan Cattaneo (Rockin’ Fairy Music/ASCAP)


all rights reserved



Mark Erelli Boston, Massachusetts

"You know those artists who release a great first record and then have enormous trouble following it up with anything as interesting? Yeah, that’s not Mark Erelli." -Red Line Roots


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