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released March 1, 2013


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Mark Erelli Boston, Massachusetts

Mark Erelli completed a masters in evolutionary biology just after his self-titled debut was released in 1999. He has won several prestigious awards, and has 7 records to his name, including collections of western swing, lullabies and songs of stirring social conscience. In recent years, he has gained notoriety as a mulit-instrumentalist sideman with artists such as Lori McKenna and Josh Ritter. ... more

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Track Name: Sense Of Wonder (live at Passim, 5-3-2019)
Giant squid and butterflies
Creatures big and mighty, low and small
We can only guess how many kinds
with which we share this big, blue ball
They say that we know less about the bottom of the ocean
than we do about the surface of the moon
If you ever lose your sense of wonder
honey, it’ll be too soon

Everyday a new frontier
The backyard was a jungle green and wild
But it gets harder to remember
what came as second nature to a child
You know the names of all the roads
The lawn needs to be mowed
There’s work to pay the bills and make the rent
You might wake up one day and never wonder
where your sense of wonder went

Mysteries within mysteries
like an endless set of Russian nesting dolls
And if we could ever get there
We’d find a question at the center of it all
Why something ‘stead of nothing?
Are we out here on our own
or does someone or something catch us when we fall?
Without a sense of wonder
it begins to feel so tragic and so small

It ain’t all unicorns and rainbows
This must be something you have guessed by now
Some days feel like a competition
to find the biggest way to let each other down
I don’t blame you if you’re worried
Sometimes I worry too
and don’t believe it when I say ‘it’ll all work out’
It don’t seem to make no sense
it’s no wonder sometimes we all have our doubts

We are made of stardust
Electrons dancing to a cosmic reel
Light is particle and wave
but even this cannot explain the way it feels
When one heart finds another
and souls begin to rhyme
Somehow one and one add up to more than two
Hold onto your sense of wonder
Keep yours for me and I’ll keep mine for you

Don’t lose your sense of wonder
Keep yours for me and I’ll keep mine for you

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